Technical Information

General Specifications

EST. It carries out its production in accordance with current ISO 14644, cGMP and FDA standards. In order to produce long-lasting, easy-to-clean clean spaces, EST manufactures on an overall system that includes smooth durable partition wall and ceiling modules, free from 90-degree corners, equipped with leak-proof joint details. In addition to this general system, it creates detail solutions suitable for needs with accessories such as specially designed doors, shopping windows, internal automatic lock systems, skirting and turning profiles.

All projects, large or small, are meticulously designed by the technical team. Efficient production areas are created with the adequate and appropriate use of the instruments indicated in the picture. The customer is informed about the entire project process, and at the end of the project, all technical data and drawings are documented and delivered to the customer. This certification also assists the client in future inspections and standard compliance checks.

General Material Properties

All Top products are produced from materials that meet the Clean Room requirements.

Panel, Ceiling and Door trims

-HPL (High Pressure Laminat - Yüksek Dayanımlı Laminat)
-PVDF Coated Sheet
-PVDF Coated Aluminum Composite
-uPVC Coated Sheet
-Stainless steel
is produced using.

In Filling Materials

-High Density EPS
-High Density Taşyünlü
used. All carriers, connection elements and decorative units are made of anodized or polyester coated aluminum profiles. Detailed technical information about the materials is given to the customer in a documented form.